Important Membership Information

Important Membership Information

Despite the challenges experienced by all throughout 2020, Aligned Leisure’s commitment to providing a safe, enjoyable and quality facility to support this community remained unchanged.

It was with this commitment in mind that in October 2020 we provided all of our members with financial relief by delaying our standard annual fee increase to recognise your loyalty and provide support to those experiencing the added pressures of COVID-19.

Since the pandemic began, our team have been working hard behind the scenes and on the frontline to ensure that our valuable programs and services could safely operate in this new environment, and while every effort has been made to minimise the cost for our members and guests, a small increase is now necessary to ensure that we can continue to deliver this value to you.

Your new fortnightly membership fees from 1st March, 2021, are outlined in the table below, with your first debit at new price being on 4th March 2021, in line with Clause 16 of our Terms and Conditions.

Current New Price at 1st March
Nillumbik Membership  $      43.40 $      44.80
Nillumbik Concession Membership  $      34.70 $      35.80
Community Centre Membership  $      38.00 $      39.20
Community Centre Concession Membership  $      32.00 $      33.00
High School Membership  $      26.00 $      26.80

Please note, this change will occur automatically, and no action from you is required.

We understand that many people are still being impacted by the effects of the pandemic and encourage anyone experiencing financial hardship to contact our team here to discuss your payment options.

On behalf of the entire team at Diamond Creek Community Centre, thank you for your ongoing loyalty. We look forward to your continued membership and supporting you on your health and wellness journey.

Until we see you next, take care and stay safe.

Kind Regards,
Liam O’Brien
Nillumbik Leisure Manager

24/7 is Coming!

Get ready members as we look to provide you 24-7 access to your DCCC in March 2021.  This vital upgrade will provide the community greater access to support health and wellbeing goals and initiatives.

Further information will be communicated closer to launch on the operational items you need to know.

Gym Hours and Child Care Hours Extended

Not only do we have a new timetable, available here, we are extending our weekend operating hours beginning this Saturday 6th February. Our new weekend hours will be:

  • Saturday 8am to 5pm
  • Sunday 9am to 5pm

Child care have also extended their availabilities and have now also introduced Occasional Care.

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – 9.00am to 11.15am
  • February Trial Sessions – Tuesday and Friday – 9.00am to 11.15am

Bookings are essential and available 7 days in advance by calling 9438 5299.